Subject: Spain
Hello fellow Ziners -

For a long time I have not been in touch. Too many reasons.

Last year I spent two months in Spain. There are marvelous places in that country and the people are the nicest you can find. We stayed at some charming hotels but there is a chain of inns that I want to call attention to. But first, let me make it very clear that I have no interests whatsoever with this company. The only reason I am writing about them is that I enjoyed these inns so very much.

The Paradores de España (freely translated: Inns of Spain) is a chain with more than 80 inns all over Spain. They range from a 13 room castle in Alarcón to a huge palace in León. Most are converted castles, monasteries and a couple of palaces. It is quite an experience to stay in some of them.

Before you go to Spain enter their site: and find out about their Amigos de Paradores and all their inns - it is quite enjoyable.

Susana R. Figoli São Paulo, Brasil