Subject: Paris
Janice, I notice that you are going to Paris in two months. I'm going in just under 4 months -- my first time, and I can hardly wait!

When you get back, I would love to hear how your experience was in regard to the attitude of the French people toward Americans. I know there are many ugly Americans who give polite, kind Americans a bad name; and I've heard both that the French are rude to Americans or that they are friendly to us. Especially in today's climate, it would be good to know which is more accurate.

I'm going to Paris, no matter what, as I'm a francophile and have wanted to go to Paris ever since I started studying French in high school. I'm taking French lessons again and hope I can communicate fairly reasonably even though I understand English is spoken by most people there. I have always tried to learn at least a few phrases in the language of a country I'm visiting (including Thailand), as the people really appreciate it.

Thanks, Diana in San Diego