Subject: Re: China for fall
Hello Helen and Kevin.

We were in China for only a month in 2000. I guess timing depends on where you are going but the Fall would be my first choice. We had to travel in the Spring and it was very wet. Beijing and Xian are both wonderful cities, we also went to Yangshuo, famous for its Karst formations. Beyond that let me put in a plug for Yunnan province we especially enjoyed the UNESCO town of Lijiang, very popular with tourists but when you visit you can see why. For a taste of Tibet without actually going there consider Zhongdian. We also went to Chengdu as I particularly wanted to see the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base.

How long are you going for, what interests you, what is your standard of travel, backpack, 5*, somewhere in between, have you been to Asia before, will you be alone or in a group? What ever your answer to these questions it is possible to find what you are looking for in China it's an amazing country and best to see it soon as it's changing fast.

I have about 200 photos with comments on our website.

Kevin, I would love to see your report on your extended stay. When we retire we plan to spend our winters backpacking in Asia so I am collecting any and all information and have yet to visit many of the places you mentioned.

One year we will head for Australia and New Zealand for six months, so the recent thread is already in the file marked 'retirement'.

Regards Sue Toronto