Subject: Re: Toronto GTG 12/April
Hi Graziella and Ziners,

We plan to meet at Grano at 12:30

So far we have confirmations from:

Lucy and Dan Judy Schapira Tom Cobban Frances West Graziella and Gino Linda and Don

We hope to hear from others. (Gail in Eugene, Oregon, is working on coming!)

Toronto's underground PATH (very safe) is an excellent alternative for getting around in bad weather. You can download and print a map (with Adobe Acrobat on your PC).

Here's a restaurant suggestion: In BCE Place, nearby your hotel, Movenpick Marché The filter coffee is not mentioned in the review, but it is excellent.

If you get up early on Saturday morning, consider visiting St. Lawrence market, an easy walk from where you are staying (just go east on Front Street, which is south of your hotel). Visit the markets on both the south and the north sides of Front Street. You will love the European ambiance!

Ciao for now, Linda