Subject: Tilley
Dear Frances

I used to buy everything at Tilley. The ultimate test for me was when I bought their safari pants &blouse. I figured (perhaps like everyone else) that it would be second to none. After all, I went this past year to Costa rica and then recently to south africa &zimbabwe so I felt sure I would make good use of them! I spent quite a bit of time going on many different safaris. So naturally when I went to the rain forest and on safari --what better way then to try them out. I could not wait to come back from my safari and quickly --very quickly--take them off. I was much more comfortable wearing shorts or a pair of jogging pants and I won't use it again! I have the tilley socks and I'm neutral on that. What I do like and will continue wearing is the Tilley hat! I find that Tilley is way overpriced. What really surprised me though was the tilley safari pants and blouse-never again!

Patricia montreal