Subject: Travel tips
Hello, My wife and I travel light on our trips, choosing to deal with light laundry in the bathrooms while on the trip. There are two things we always do:

1. We never check our luggage on the trip going to our destination. It is just too important to start the trip tight arriving with everything you packed. I have traveled extensively and it seems that the average for lost luggage is 1 in 10. If you do not arrive with your luggage at the start of the trip and you were planing on immediately hopping on a train or rental car to start the tour - you are screwed. On the other hand we always check the luggage going back home as if it is lost in transit - it will evenually get to our home.

2. My wife started doing the next tip and it is surprissing how handy it has been. We pack a collapsed bag in our luggage going. When we arrive and have been traveling around awhile and we need the space for dirty clothes, shoes, things we purchase - out pops the folded bag and we now have plenty of room for storing extra stuff. Very handy and makes packing for the trip back home so much easier.


Mike and Fran