Subject: : Patagonia MLC
Hi Sheila, I used the Patagonia MLC for my three-week trip to Belgium last April. It's a great bag and served my needs very was the only piece of luggage I took for the three weeks.

Most of the time when I use this bag, I strap it on in the backpack mode as it is easier to use when the weight is equally distributed. I debated between Rick Steves' rucksack and the Patagonia and have not regretted my decision. Also, I have learned from Rick not to take everything I own!

In addition to the Patagonia MLC, I took an over-size purse with my real purse inside. With the extra space, I stuffed magazines, camera, etc. It was great fun watching people with those roller-type suitcases trying to roll them down the cobble stone streets. One person, in particular, kept having to stop and lift up their roller-type bag because it kept falling over and/or getting caught in the cracks...not to mention it was very noisy running across the stones!

I also just returned from a 9-day trip with this same bag to Guatemala. I kept weighing it at home while deciding what to take with my goal being around 20#. Think for Belgium, I finally ended with 21 or 22# and for Guatemala around that same amount. The difference in lack of days for the Guatemala trip was made up in books, magazines, etc. (My traveling goals for these two different trips were very different!). BTW, I'm not a backpacker...just a new 60 year old Crone who happens to pack light and finally able to travel...better late than never! Hope this helps.

Kind regards, Margo in Western North Carolina