Subject: Re: Towns between Rome and Florence
Hi Sheila, the most obvious happens to be a lovely place not to be missed, Orvieto. I grant you that being very close to Rome it is visited by many tourists :-( however its location on a pedestal of volcanic rock is not easily forgotten. Il Duomo, with its spectacular facade, specially when the sun illuminates it, and its famous Capella di San Brizio with Luca SIgnorelli's frescos certainly makes any visit to Orvieto worthwhile. I love Gubbio, a little out of the way which means less tourists. I believe that it is one the best preserved medieval towns in Italy. The old town has been built on different levels, once you become familiar with it, it is really a jewel to be visited and enjoyed. There are some elevators here and there, but good legs are a must. Good luck. Graziella, Miami Beach.