Subject: Re: towns between Rome and Florence
Hey Sheila -

Gosh, I wish you had a car for those 5 days!! Without one, I would agree with the others about Orvieto. Easy to get to using public transportation. The duomo is beautiful!! We have only been there once, but plan to go back this summer from our base in Umbria.

I would also recommend Perugia. There is a nice art museum in the historic center, as well as other sites, and plenty of old streets to wander around. You can take a bus to Assisi from there, one of my favorite hill towns. There are alot of great little hill towns, but without a car, it is better to concentrate you energy on a few main places.

I would definately go to Siena, but check out the bus connections to see if you should go there before or as a day trip from Florence. Fiesole is an easy bus ride from the center of Florence. Lucca would be nice place to spend a few days after Florence.

My thought is always less is more, since you can always go back again!:)

Ciao, Kristy S.F.