Subject: Re: Paris
Hi Molly and Ziners,

Along with your conservative dress in Paris, which by the way is not the way with all Parisians, I think there is one more way to not appear. Carry a handbag big enough to stuff in the camera and the travel book, notes and maps-items which immediately peg you as tourist. I dress conservatively, pale sweaters, black pants, shoes and bag. But I have seen some pretty bizarre looks - my favorite was the fifty -ish woman with the quite obviously drawn on freckles. Strange as it was, this look was not as bizarre as some of the hairstyles. One odd thing to me, maybe someone can explain, is that when I have been in Paris in the spring I have noticed them wearing lots of warm clothes when its not even cool. I will be hot and will notice a man in a shirt, tie, vest, sweater, sports coat and overcoat - or a woman in the Metro in a head to knee thick buttoned up wool coat. Interesting.

I have delighted in the formalness of the French. Their manners are superb. So what if they don't engage strangers, because they are just about always impeccably polite. Even the children are extremely well behaved.

Best to all, Cathia in Austin, Texas