Subject: Re: Travel costs
Hi, Frances... Are you saying you spend around $140 for each of you per day? In other words, you spend around $280 a day in Paris? Now, does that include your hotel? We figure out our hotel separately, and then we take about $100 per day out for spending money. That's only for food, as we've already paid for a Carte Orange transportation pass, a Carte Musee museum pass, and a France Telecom telecarte. We usually have breakfast in a cafe -- croissants and coffee and tea -- and only one big meal in a restaurant. We pick up snacks along the way in the creperies and boulangeries, instead of another big meal, or stop in a cafe for Croque Madame and a beer. I'm with you... more frequent travel even if it has to be on a budget. In fact, it's a challenge.... our biggest challenge, though, is time. My husband doesn't have a lot of time off to travel.

Sandy in Illinois