Subject: Re: Travel costs
Hi Frances,

What I do is try to pre-pay as many expenses as I can. Unless you're on a cruise, you can't do that with a lot of expenses, though. On my upcoming trip to Europe with my daughter, the air fare has been paid but nothing else. What I'm going to do is set aside a certain amount for my share of the hotel costs and Eurail Pass plus museum and Metro passes in Paris. Then I'm going to set aside in a miscellaneous category an amount per day I have calculated for food, entertainment (including entry fees) and shopping, multiply this by the number of days I will be in Europe, and take this additional amount in Euros securely hidden in a money belt under my clothes, along with my passport and credit card.

I did this when I spent three weeks in Ireland, and it worked out well. I would only put in my wallet the daily amount I would be spending, and the rest would be in my money belt. Only one time did I have to delve into my money belt while in public. That was in a shop where I was purchasing an item that cost more than what I had allotted for the day. I just went into a corner of the shop, with my daughter behind me, and quickly pulled up my shirt and sweater to retrieve the extra punts. I even came back from the trip with money left over!

Diana San Diego, California