Subject: Re: Paris and the French
At 08:45 AM 3/10/03 +1000, Megan wrote:

>I had my first ever trip to Paris in 2001 and I still get a buzz
>thinking about it - I'd waited forever for that trip too! Thanks for all your encouraging words, Megan. Knowing the way I am towards people, including in other countries, I'm sure I won't have any problem either. I do love the French culture, and I'm sure I'll love Paris, so I will tell them that and that should help, too.

I am reminded of a day in Vung Tau, the port town to get to Saigon by road or via the Saigon River in Vietnam. There were a lot of local ladies in their long dresses and coolie hats selling things very cheaply, such as t-shirts for $2 or $3. They all gathered around me as I started buying a few things (my daughter was frightened and had gone off a distance watching me). There was one lady in particular who was very friendly to me and smiled. She knew enough English to warn me to keep an eye on my wallet. I do believe we made a connection even though we didn't speak each other's language, and she smiled and waved at me as I left.

My fondest memories are of these encounters with the local people of the countries I have visited.

Diana San Diego, California