Subject: Re: Visiting all 50 states.
Whether it's a U.S. State or a country, for simplicity sake, I go by the standard set forth by The Travelers' Century Club.

They keep it simple and basically say that if you've set foot somewhere then it counts. Going by that criteria, I've been to all 50 States and like Carrie, AK was the most elusive. If I had known just how jaw-dropping beautiful it would be I would have visited it MUCH sooner.

For those of you who haven't explored the various United (and unique) States and realize you may never cross an ocean (or two) to another country - take heart! You can gain almost as much a feel of travelling exotically within the 48 states as you can by going over an ocean.

You may not ever go to Paris but you can still enjoy the influence in Montreal or even Nawlins. Think all American seafood is alike? Try it in New Orleans, Boston (bah-stin) and Seattle, then see what you think. Eat Lutifisk in Minnesota and you'll REALLY feel like you're in Scandinavia (or just eat fish flavored jello and you can say you've tried it).

How about a string of various cities or a location within a city in the USA that, once in it, you'd swear (in a good way) you were in foreign country.

Hope this was encouraging to someone.

Gregory In Houston - where I can drive five miles from my home and the street signs are in Chinese characters! Can't go to the Orient? Try the China towns in Vancouver, California or Houston. The Dim Sum can be just as good!

Disclaimer - I'm NOT saying Montreal or New Orleans are the SAME as Paris so don't even go there.