Subject: Re: Milan, Italy
Ciao Diana,

About the lake region, please find attach some notes that I wrote a while ago. About the city, you can find a report that I wrote for the list in the Hotel and Destination data base of TheTravelzine. Anyway, I'll send a copy to you privately.

About place to eat in Milan, some of my favorites are almost all reasonably priced):

Piccola Ischia Via Morgagni 7 Tel. 022047613 Closet We. Nearest metro stop M1 Lima. Pizza place. Only pizza but really good. Informal.

Trattoria da Pina e rene? Viale Monza 17 Tel 022613214 Small, family run, Napolitan/Sicilian food. Informal. Metro M1/M2 Loreto

Trattoria alle Langhe Corso Como 6 Tel 026554279 - 026595180 Lombardy-Piedmont food. Metro M2/R Garibaldi.

La Padellaccia Via Carlo D?Adda 24 Pizza place. Big pizzas, Navigli area. Informal. Metro M2 Genova

Da Willy P.zza XXIV Maggio 7 Tel. 028321296 Spaghetti and Pizza place Big Pizzas, informal. Metro M2 Genova

Al Vecchio Aratro Via M. Boiardo 20 (MM Turro) Tel. 02.2619137 Ch Domenica Cucina Tuscany food Informal Metro M1 Turro

La Piola Viale Abruzzi 23 Tel. 02.29531271 Ch Domenica Lombardy and Milanes food a bit expensive Metro M2 Piola

Isola Fiorita Risoteca gnoccoteca Ripa di Porta Ticinese 83 Tel. 02.89402060 Ch Domenica. Specialist in Rice (risotti) and Gnocchi. Informal. Navigli area. Metro M2 Genova.

Fabbrica Pizzeria Pizza place with some pasta dishes Viale Pasubio 2, (Porta Garibaldi close by Smeraldo theatre) Tel. 02.6552771 Informal. Metro M2/R Garibaldi.

Unfortunately I don't know if I'll be in Milan at the beginning of July. :-(

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy