Subject: Re: China for fall
Hi Helen,

We spent a month in China this past Sept - Oct and had a great time. Our main purpose was to take a Yantze cruise before the dam was finished to see the sites above the dam that will be submerged. It was a great cruise. Ten days on the third longest river in the world. We were also able to take many side trips, some by bus and some by small boats to see various sites. That was when we really saw rural China which was most interesting.

Our month in China was spent in Shanghai, Suzhou, Xian, Beijing and on the cruise. We traveled with another couple and flew from one city to the next and at each airport would be met by a CITC tour guide who took us to see the sites we wanted to see and many sites and shops they wanted us to see as well. Sometimes this was a struggle of wills.

We took over 600 pictures which are out there on the web if you are interested. I would be glad to give you more detail on our trip if you have specific questions.

John Edmonds,WA