Subject: Travelling in Belize
Hi folks,

I've posted a few times in the past few months and have received a wealth of information on: where to go? - decided on Chile and Argentina for our next long trip; and Chicago suggestions for the fall when we plan to go for the marathon. Thanks to all for your wonderful input. Now we need some more tips. Yes, we travel a lot.

My partner and I plan to visit Belize in September or October for a week - in part to extend our summer and, for my partner, to dive. We are just beginning to research the trip and have found Captain Morgan's on Ambergris Cay.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on where to stay. Our criteria are as follows: we don't like big hotels, like good food, good service and are willing to spend some $$ for a quality vacation. We are adventurous and rarely take guided tours, preferring to get to spots on our own and negotiate with a local guide if the fancy strikes us.

We do a lot of research before we go anywhere so we can plan beforehand, and if we are so inclined, throw away the plans and see what happens. We travel light and don't mind discomfort on our daily wanderings so long as we can have a decent meal in the evening and a clean, comfortable bed to sleep in. Oh, and we like to have a shower, even if it is communal, so long as we can be refreshed. Don't even mind a cold shower if that's all we can find. (We spend weeks in cottage country in the Muskoka's north of Toronto and jump in the lake ever morning for our wash-up. Believe me, it's often cold.) So we aren't fussy travellers.

Look forward to your ideas.