Subject: Re: Paris: Allard

Everyone is making such a fuss here about Allard so I'd like to add a few words. It's really just a bistro. I like it a lot, but I also always stay in that neighborhood. To be honest, if I stayed in another area, I'm sure I'd find another little bistro just as good. Paris is filled with them! Yes, Allard's specialty is duck w/ olives, so if you're travelling by metro from another part of the city, you should have their specialty. But their other dishes, though very good, won't set the world on fire. I highly recommend that anyone going to paris buy the Paris Zagat Guide and use it. I take it with me everyday as I never know which neighborhood I'll end up in and Zagat tells me the ratings by neighborhood. If you can't buy it in a local bookstore, try

Candice NYC