Subject: Re: 2 questions about Paris
Hi Joan, I'm not sure of the name of your bus, however, you won't have a hard time finding it once you're in Paris. In your hotel lobby will be plenty of brochures advertising all the bus tours to to major attractions outside of Paris. Additionally, right on the rue de Rivoli (by the Louvre) is a tour office with bus and train tours to many places. You can't miss this corner place.

Finding resonably prices restaurants in Paris is not all that difficult, though I'm not familiar with the area you're staying in. I suggest that you purchase a copy of Zagat and keep it with you as you wander. Just look up the neighborhood you're in or look up a restaurant you're interested in and you'll get a quick review.

Angelina's certainly does have fantastic hot chocolate. They also have an outpost in Galeries Lafayette. I also recommend the hot chocolate and macaroons (house specialty) at Laduree. There are a few of them in Paris, the original being in the 8th. It's also a lovely place for lunch.

When you're in the Marais (4th) and want a great, cheap lunch, try Las du Falafel on rue de Rosiers. Avoid Joe Goldenberg across the street, it's not very good.

In the 16th, I like La Gare for an inexpensive and good (though plain) meal. It's on old train tracks and if weather permits, they have a lovely outdoor garden. Their roast duck is excellent and in summer they have a watermelon and feta salad that's terrific.

Mariage Freres (3 locations) is a lovely tearoom and lunch spot and wonderful for weekend lunch/brunch.

Don't miss the ice cream at Berhtillion on the Il St Louis. You'll be near it when you visit Notre Dame.

Candice NYC