Subject: Zine Paris
Hello Sylvie and fellow Ziners,

Looked in my files. One of the big bus tour outfits is Cityrama. I took their 1 day tour to Reims/Champagne area. I did enjoy it. Their buses are very comfortable and their guides speak most any language. They are located at 4 Place des Pyramide (meetro Palais-Royal) Another one is Paris Vision which is comparable and are located at 214, rue de Rivoli (Metro; Tuilleries) Tel: 01 42 60 30 01. They pick up at the main hotels as well.

Some sites that may be of some use:

Don't miss a little street called Rue Mouffetard. A great outdoors market by day and bustling nightlife/restaurant row at night. A scaled down and less touristy version of the Latin Quarter.

A place for a cheap meal is Leon de Buxelles. Great mussels at a real reasonable price. They are a chain.

Have a great trip and I am filled with envy (of the good kind) since I looooooove Paris.

Lidia (in Los Angeles)