Subject: Puerto Vallarta questions
Hola PV enthusiasts! We've just booked a last minute PV deal, and since it's been a few years since we've had the pleasure, thought I'd better check in with the experts who have been there recently. I've noted the restaurant recommendations from a few months ago, (thx) but am curious about the ATMs -- does anyone know which banks (and locations) have the 'plus' system compatible with our Canadian bank debit cards? We'd love to not have to tote too much US cash. We're staying out in the Marina area (Marriott) if that helps.

We'll probably be eating most dinners downtown, but would appreciate any comments on restaurants in and around the marina. We have been told that most downtown restaurants no longer accept Visa (or any credit card)? Truth? Fiction?

I'm now counting the hours until Friday when, if all goes according to plan, we toss our coats and snow boots for a whole week!

Anne Burlington ON