Subject: Re: Travel costs
Ciao Frances!

I prepay some expenses. Airline tickets and the rental car are already paid. The dollar has been on a slide for a year. Interest rates in the USA are about as low as they have been for 20 years. War talk has everybody jittery whatever your political persuasion.

This is a great time for our non-USA Ziners to visit the USA and get more for their Euros, Yen, or whatever. Personally, I think there is little downside risk for the dollar. The Fed can't lower interest rates much more unless they want us to GET PAID for borrowing money (negative interest). One way or another, the war will be over by summer or on a long-term delay while waiting for Saddam to change his ways. ;-)

My bet, is that the dollar will not be signifcantly weaker by summer and will probably be higher. Just my opinion. I am NOT any kind of expert nor have access to experts in this area.

Best wishes, Paul Near Seattle