Subject: Disconcerting moments
Hello worldly travelers,

A recent thread on TheTravelzine prompted me to mention the movie Frantic which is set in Paris. The premise of the story has an American couple visiting Paris for a conference. Shortly after checking in to their hotel room the wife disappears while the husband is indisposed. The remainder of the movie deals with the husband's frantic efforts to find his wife.

All of us have experienced some level of high anxiety while on the road. Hopefully nothing to compare with the adventures of Harrison Ford's character in the movie I've mentioned. But still I'm sure there are some hair-raising tales to be told by our members. I'll lead with one of my own and then let's see who's willing to reveal their fears.

One sunny crisp Sunday afternoon in the fall of '97 while sightseeing in Budapest we had our anxieties raised on the metro. Riding on the original line of the subway (the oldest one on the continent) our empty car came to what we thought was the final stop. Sara swiftly exited to the vacant platform while I dawdled admiring the woodwork on the century-old car. As I arose to leave the car the doors shut and the subway continued on out of the station. We exchanged wide-eyed and startled looks gesturing to one another wildly in an effort to quickly communicate a plan for reuniting. Once she was out of sight the first thought that came to mind was of an old episode of The Twilight Zone in which the train never managed to make it to the next station. As a shudder ran down my spine the tracks began to curve hard to the left continuing in such a manner until the subway cars had turned completely around and headed back into the station. A huge look of relief came across both of our faces and soon we were reunited and on our way to Hero's Square in Pest.

Now, of course we've all experienced these unexpected moments of separation with the accompanying fleeting moments of terror which are quickly replaced by embarrassment. But still they do get the heart pounding faster. So, anybody else out there willing to share one of their disconcerting moments while on the road?

By the way, as I'm sure most of you do our general rule for this type of situation is for the one on the subway to double back to the station where the other got off. But we've been able to incorporate the two-way radios popular with skiers into our visits to major cities. With these we are able to keep in touch if we become separated or choose to head off on our own.

John still chuckling about how strongly these simple events can jolt us