Subject: Re: Puerto Vallarta questions
Hello Anne,

Your enthusiasm made me smile. (And wish I were going too!). Probably next winter.

I'd be very interested to know how you booked it last minute. I've never done that before, but am currently receiving newsletters from various travel sites that send out their weekly deals, packages, flight search, hotel search, whatever.

So far, the best info I get seems to come from, in that it's possible for me to request departure from Montreal and have all the quotes given in Canadian dollars.

But this is all theoretical. If it really works to book by oneself via an online service is something I won't know til I've done it. I know everyone does it, but all the fine print is still a bit intimidating everything is subject to change without prior notice type sentences. The only travel experience I have is limited and was done through a 3D travel agent who planned every detail (and that was reflected in the price).

So being that you are going to PV from Canada, I'd be most interested in knowing what site you used to do online booking and if you end up satisfied.

Have a great trip! Cheers, Suzan