Subject: Re: Credit Cards frozen?
Hello Credit Card Users:

While traveling with his wife in Scotland, my friend Craig dented the fender of a private car owned and driven by a policeman. The damage was not serious, so rather than go through the hassle of insurance Craig offered to get an estimate and pay the policeman the estimated cost. The policeman agreed and off to a panel beater (auto body shop) they went. The estimate was about 400 Pounds and since Craig did not carry that amount of cash, he asked the policeman to accompany him to a local bank where Craig would draw against his credit card. An ATM was out of the question because they tend to impart daily limits. They both went into the bank, but the policeman stood by the door while Craig went to the teller window. Craig passed his card over the counter and asked for the equivalent of $1,000 USD. The teller took his card and then passed it back telling Craig that the card issuer denied his request. Craig rarely carries a balance and has tons of credit. The policeman was giving him that suspicious stare now. Craig asked to use a telephone and the teller refused him. He walked across the street to a pay phone and called the bank in the US that issued the card. What is the problem, he asked. The bank told him his card had been stolen. When and by whom? Craig asked. The bank told him that a bank in Scotland had reported it stolen and an attempt to use it was made by a suspicious character with a more suspicious accomplice. When he told the bank the story the banker told him to return to the bank across the street and present his card again; it would be reinstated by the time he got there. Well, Craig walked up to the same teller and got the same treatment. He asked to see the manager. The manager told Craig he was going to call the police. Well, we are in luck for the police are here, he said pointing to the policeman. The manager ran the card and lo and behold it was approved for the $1,000 USD that Craig wanted. The moral of the story is don't drive into policemen.

Tom back in Carlisle