Subject: Re: Puerto Vallarta questions
Hi Carol and Suzann;

I appreciate the ATM update, Carol. I wasn't certain whether info posted previously pertained to US bank cards or CAD. This saves me dashing to the bank tomorrow morning.

This was my first venture with a last minute booking Suzann. I've also contributed a few grey hairs I'm sure to the agent we have dealt with in the past, worrying over miniscule details. This time he couldn't match the price, so I bravely ventured forth online. We are so desperate for a respite from eldercare woes and this horrific winter, that even a room without a view with temps in the 80's will be just fine.

So far so good. We are pleased with the choice of hotel -- Casa Magna Marriott, rated 5* at $800 per pax off brochure price. We were able to drive to the closest Belair office (Hamilton) and pick up our confirmation; the agent assured me the air tickets and hotel voucher WILL be waiting at the airport. She also scooped a stopover bargain at the Holiday Inn Toronto Airport at $89 CAD, included is up to 14 days parking.

The sites I check religiously are itravel2000, Selloffvacations and Belair Travel. I believe all of these show departures from Montreal.

Happy dreaming Anne, Burlington ON