Subject: Re: Credit Cards frozen?
Hi Ziners, I had a little twist on the theme of blocked credit card in Puerto Rico. After having a lovely little dinner with my then 10 year old son at a restaurant far from San Juan, the waitress came back to tell me the card was not accepted. Since I had just used it to pay for our room several doors down, I was astonished, and of course my son was absolutely mortified. We had to stand in a fairly open part of the restaurant while I called the company back in CONUS, and they could not explain the problem, since the card was not blocked, and they did not show the restaurant's activity. By now the owner was standing nearby, looking somewhat unsure how to show his displeasure with a female bounder with a kid in tow. Finally, the waitress showed me exactly what she had done, which was to read off the numbers incorrectly, since the little hologram image made her miss the last digits, and she obviously did not deal with the cards often enough to know what the digits should look like. Ah! I exclaimed, and had her punch in the number correctly. The card went through, they all smiled, and my son gave up thinking about how he was going to get back home after having to disassociate himself from me forever. He has even agreed to accompany me to Europe this spring, even though he's now 12. Barbara in Oregon