Subject: Re: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi, In our experience, we were there last, Jan-Feb,2003, Buenos Aires might be less safe than it was a few years back, when any woman was able to walk at 2AM alone in most parts of the city. Now this is not possible, things have changed as in most parts of the world. The difficult present economic situation seems to have brought up all the bad things. However with the usual precautions we had a great time. Enjoyed terrific steaks in restaurants for very reasonable prices, shopped beautiful leather shoes and hand bags for a fraction of US prices.

Medical drugs from same lab. as in the US were much, much less than in MIAMI, and even below Canadian prices. A friend of ours told us that his trip was fully paid by the difference in the price of medicaments.. this of course, is an extreme case, but because of the exchange everything is cheaper. As an example, the trip in a modern Hoovercraft between Buenos Aires and Colonia, Uruguay was under 30 dollars.

Coming back to the security issue, it was ok for us. No bad experiences. But let us see what our Argentinean member has to say..

Graziella, Miami Beach.