Subject: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dear Mark,

Thank you for your welcome.

I do know that the US department gives warnings about coming to Argentina, but as some Americans told me: they also give warning about Polland and when we visited it everything was fine.

I think that itīs wise of the US government to advise people about crime rate in other countries because if something happened to a US citizen abroad and they didn`t warn about it, people could say why didnīt you warn me before?.

The truth is that you can be robbed in the same way that may happen in the States. Buenos Aires is a big city and as such, you have to be careful as if you would be in New York or Rome.

Iīm not trying to convince you of coming to Argentina by saying BA is the safest city in the world because I wouldnīt be honest. But itīs not that you are afraid of going out at night, unless you are planning to visit those areas which everybody knows are not good -neither for locals or for tourists-.

For instance; La Boca is one of the main tourist spots, but itīs not a place to go in the evening or to wander around, off the tourist track. The rest of the most famous areas: Center, Retiro, Barrio Norte, Palermo; Recoleta.. are ok. People here go out for dinner very late (around 10 PM and go back to their homes after midnight, and you can imagine that if it was dangerous, we wouldnīt do this).

Many travelers hire me as a guide and that makes them feel safer. The fact that I know the culture and idiosincracy is a plus. Anyway, this doesnīt mean you have to hire me. Whenever someone asks me about safety measures in BA, I always tell them that they are the same as in other big cities: donīt wander around districts youīve never heard of, try to take your camera in a bag, trust your own senses.

The city is full of policemen everywhere and the crime rate in BA is low, compared to other areas (BA southern suburbs, for instance). I think that the best thing you can do is talk to people who have already come to Argentina who will be able to tell you their own experiences. I can give you a couple of names and emails if you like.

Cintia Buenos Aires, Argentina