Subject: Re: Credit Cards frozen?
I've never had a problem with a card being frozen, though I did have a card call my house after I charged weeks of two rooms in the Philippines. (I was there for work and one of my co-workers had a wife at home maxing out his credit card and he brought a checkbook - which they wouldn't take!) My parents were watching my house and happened to be there when the message came in. So now, I always make sure I have someone listen to my messages while I'm gone - just in case!

I also take 3 cards with me. I know it's more of a risk if I get robbed (which has never happened in any of the 21 countries I've traveled in.) But that way, if one doesn't work, I have a backup. A couple times my Diner's club inexplicably wouldn't work, but I never had a problem with my Visa or Mastercard.

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