Subject: Danube river cruise
Hello Travelziners

I was trying to decide where to go on holiday on Easter when I and my wife considered to take a cruise. Leafing through catalogues, we discovered a suitable one, not at sea but on the Danube river, from Passau (Germany) to Wien, Budapest Bratislava and back to Passau, all in 8 days. I've looked into archives and found some postings of people who did a similar trip, but now I have a more technical questions, i.e. does everybody know if the ship berthings along the Danube are usually within walking distance of local attractions? The agency is pushing its own trip package of guided visits: I could be interested in taking a guided tour of Budapest (only one day in town) but I find it unnecessary in Melk, Wien or other places. We had a Nile river cruise many years ago, so we know the comfort on board is not that of a big ship and recreation areas are limited in space, but we are very interested in seeing the places and our only concern is about being able to escape the army-like experience of mass tours. Thanks everyone and regards

Paolo Trieste, Italy