Subject: Re: Disconcerting moments
Good evening ziners!

The most disconcerting moment I can recall at the moment was an organized tour in Barbados. There was a line of taxis and everyone in the tour group began filling them up. We were in a cab that was about in the middle of the line. The taxis took off in order - all headed for the same place. When it came to our taxi, we got off to a great start, but the first fork in the road, our driver veered off in the opposite direction of the rest of the entire group!!! The four of us exchanged knowing looks as the city fell away and we were quickly surrounded by sugar cane higher than the roof of the car... we were sure that we would be taken out into the middle of nowhere and robbed and when it was discovered that we didn't carry money on such jaunts, we would get beaten or... worse. It was about that time that the driver turned around and told us all that he had taken a short cut. I'm sure our eyes were HUGE, but he simply turned back around and began pointing out sights to us along the way. We were petrified! We could not believe it when we arrived at the proper destination and all the other members of the group were there along with their respective taxis. It was hair raising... especially after our morning's experience of a HUGE wharf rat on the side walk with us - and can I tell you that sucker was the size of a DACHSHUND! There was my husband, two women from Canada and me. The three of us jumped up on James and all he could do was ask WHO am *I* supposed to jump on?!?. That episode followed by our afternoon drive, we drank far too much rum punch and the taxi ride back was very quick and very happy! We were thankful to be OK and to have had such an exciting day.

Sara Wetegrove Tucson, Arizona