Subject: Re: Car rental in Italy
Hi Mike, We have rented cars in Europe many times and after many hours of web searching looking for the perfect deal we ended up renting with Avis in Rome and had a car in Tuscany for two weeks last June. I have learned that the difference in cost between rental companies is minimal when considering the overall cost of the trip. What is more important is the size of the car because the cost of gas to fill up is surprising especially if you are from North America where gas is subsidized (yes it is). My advice is to rent the smallest car available and go with the flow. You will be astonished at how much you will pay to fill up. We had a small car (equivalent to a Honda and paid $70 to fill up). Getting around is a small part of your hoiday. Europeans drive small cars because it's expensive so do as they do. Drop any ideas of an important car and realize that it is only a vehicle to get you from A to B, Euuropeans drive Porsche to impress, you're on holiday so who cares?