Subject: Re: Planning for Paris
Elizabeth and Dave, I agree that you need time to use the Museum Pass. We have used it the last two years in Paris but we were there for 10 days at a time. Also, some of the museums (the private ones) are not covered. It's exensive if you're not going to use it, but it's useful to enter the museum without lines. Also, we keep returning to the Musée d'Orsay or the Louvre to view special painters or paintings for an hour (remember: no waiting in line... ) and then we like to relax and have some tea or a glass of wine.

One other note of interest is to look at the Bonjour Paris site on the Net. Then on the right, click on events and This week in Paris

I do this a few weeks before our trip and then I repeat it a week before. This will give you another insight on happenings (major) in the city. Have fun. Susie Newton, MA