Subject: Ziners in Toronto
Don and Linda,

I thought the Ziners in Toronto would enjoy going to this. I've been to several of these meetings and the exhibits are awesome, educational and fun. Would you mind being the ones dispensing comps to ziners/friends? Joan

Hi Ziners in Toronto,

There is an event coming up June 21-24 that may be of interest if you're a book lover. The American Library Assn, along with the Canadian Library Assn this year, is holding its annual meeting in Toronto.

A huge amount of space is allotted for exhibits so librarians can see what's new in the book scene and peripheral services. Many exhibitors are publishers not surprisingly--and tons of books are on display. The sweetest part is that on the last day of the show, many publishers sell their displayed books, generally at a discount of 50%.

I can get free tickets if anyone wants to get into the exhibit area . Perhaps the easiest thing would be for me to send the comps to Don and Linda, our list owners.

Joan Peterson