Subject: Re: Advice on Italy
Ira - Thanks for the information.

The reason I had first thought of Emilia-Romagna was strictly for the food! I have no interest in seeing any more churches and am not too fond of museums, although I will visit them. As you know, every book on Italian cooking or food seems to start off with an homage to Emilia-Romagna.

>From your, and others, posting, I am now thinking that the choice will be between staying in Padua and using that as a first base to explore the area (including Venice), or the Naples-Amalfi area.

I note in an earlier post that you say that you love Naples. I would love to stay there (and may) but my wife has great misgivings since so many travel books speak of the high crime rate. She says that she would even be afraid to take one of her good cameras. Can you give her some encouragement?