Subject: Re: Planning for Paris
Hi Elizabeth,

The hotel you've selected looks great.....a real bang for the buck!

You didn't mention how many days you'd be in Paris, but in reference to the musuem pass........will you 8 year old daughter really want to go to musuems 5 days in a row? Perhaps you should reconsider and purchase one for 3 days? I once bought the 3 day museum pass and it wound up costing me more per visit because I like to plan my days according to how I feel when I wake up as well as the weather. So with the 3 day pass I bought, I wound up not going to musuems one day, hence, all the visits cost me more per visit. I never buy them now anymore. Make sure to take your daughter to Berthillion ice cream on the Il St. Louis and to Angelina's on rue de Rivoli (near Louvre) for their famous hot chocolate.

Candice NYC