Subject: Paris Museum Pass and bypassing queues
Hello Ziners, Candice wrote that the museum pass don´t help you to bypass the queues in the Paris big museums, specially at the Louvre, because the first queue is a security one.

I beg to disagree, and I´ll tell you why.

At the Louvre there is a special entrance for groups and museum pass holders (in Cour Richelieu, I think, the entrance is just in front of the Palace Royale). There are two escalators down to the big ticket hall under the Pyramid. There are some security checkings there, but there is a HUGE difference towards the main entrance.

Then, at the Musée d´Orsay (if they haven´t opened yet the main entrance), you can walk up to the front of the queue, and by showing your pass, they´ll let you in. Of course you have to pass through security, but if you have been able to jump the 60 or 70 persons waiting outside ...

Of course, I´m talking about visiting Paris in September or May (my last visit was October last year, and we did all of this without problems). I don´t know how bad can it get in June, July ...

The Museum Pass covers a lot of different places, both in Paris and in the Ile-de-France. You should check thoroughly and find if there are interesting things for you in their list (there are). I wouldn´t buy a 5-day pass, unless I was spending more time in Paris. I think that a three-day pass is a good option. Some of the bonuses for me are : - walking up the Arc de Triomphe - the Invalides - being able to get into the Louvre three days in a row just to check a small part (the egyptian section will amaze your daughter and yourself, the Napoleon III´s apartments, the big pictures, Vermeer ... select what you want, and don´t stay there the whole day) - get into a tiny museum you wouldn´t pay the entrance if it wasn´t in the pass.

Either way, enjoy Paris.

Regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain