Subject: Re: Ziners in Toronto
Hi Don, Linda, Joan and other Ziners,

I've been holding off on this email to verify the conference schedule, but since Joan has mentioned the CLA/ALA (library) conference in Toronto in June, I'll toss the idea out now. Would another get together be possible in June? My husband and I will be arriving in the morning of June 20 and leaving in the afternoon on June 27. I know there are a number of Ziners in Toronto and surrounding area, but I seem to remember that there are also a few librarians on the list who may possibly be heading to the conference.

On a related note, we've booked a room at Victoria's Mansion B & B and were surprised to receive a call several weeks later telling us that we had to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit (on 7 night's accommodation) to keep the room. Is that a standard practice in the Toronto area?

Hoping to meet some Ziners and librarians in June, Collette Saunders Halifax, Nova Scotia