Subject: Re: Planning for Paris
Hi Ziners,

Candice, I think you pose some excellent suggestions and questions. My daughter loves museums. For her 8th birthday, we took her and two friends to the Adler Planetarium AND the Field Museum of Natural History in one day, followed by dinner at a casual, but not family restaurant. Everyone had a great time. Last year, on a trip to San Francisco, she saw a banner for the Eternal Egypt exhibit, and begged us to change our plans to go. We did go to a rock climbing studio afterward, for a culture break.

As to the Carte Musee, my understanding is that the cost was $40-$50 per person for 5 days. Seems a small price to pay, to hop to the front of the line, an important consideration with a child in tow. I'd happily pay quite a lot for that, and I tend not to worry, once I've bought something, whether it was worth it. I will check however, to see which museums and monuments are included. We are staying around the corner from the Rodin Museum, so I envision going there more than once. I like the idea of visiting the Louvre in 2 hour doses, 2 or 3 different days.

As to the Carte Orange, we arrive on a Tuesday, so its probably not worth it. On our last trip I just bought a packet of tickets, can one still do this?

Berthillon and Angelina's are both on the must do list. Charlotte doesn't even like hot chocolate, but promises to give it a try, its Paris, after all. I seriously considered staying on the Ile Saint Louis, so we could have dessert at Berthillon every night ;-)

Thanks to the Ziners for all their help.

Best Regards,

Elizabeth, in Chicago