Subject: Re: Paris restaurants
Hi Frances,

Like you, I prefer to make my reservations in person. I find that I get a very warm welcome upon my second visit, since now I'm a familiar face. If I'm not going to be near the restaurant to make my reservations in person, I have the hotel concierge make them for me. Even if a place is not crowded, I think it gives the impression to the restaurant that we really *want* to eat there. Maybe it's my imagination, but I feel like I get better service in general that way. Of course, I wouldn't avoid just wandering into a place, I've done it many times. But if I know where I want to eat, then I make a booking. And if I know I can't keep it, I *always* have my hotel cancel it. Yup, I've been to the Brasserie I'lle St Louis. It's a great view, but the so-so food and busloads of tourists made it a don't go back place for me. As far as your apple marmalade being more like applesauce, I find that to be pretty typical. Often I see things on a menu that are served one way in the US and then in a foreign country, it's a totally different item. It's one of the joys of travel and sometimes you like it and sometimes ya' don't! :-) Candice NYC