Subject: Re: Tucson and Southern arizona
Hi Amelia, Arizona! What a special place. We have been there on two occasions and each was quite an experience. On the first trip we headed from Sedona straight to the Grand Canyon and at 8:30 a.m. started to walk down the South Kaibob reaching Pheonix Ranch about 2-1/2 hours later. We stopped for water and headed back up and arrived at the top of the Angel Trail after about 4 hours of walking. The Park Ranger I met was astonished that we did it in that time, or at all, but we felt we had accomplished something. We were exhausted and had to drive back to Sedona but the memory lingers. On our second trip we toured southern Arizona and found that it did not compare to the sights we had seen on the northern swing. If you have an option, I'd suggest heading north and exploring the counry thereabouts.

I have had an interest in North American native culture for 30 years, and was fascinated by the crafts produced by the people of the Navaho, Apache and Hopi nations. I purchased some beautiful jewellery and our house is packed with rugs and other works produced by the natives. I have found, on my travels, that what we may think is pricey proves to be invaluable memories of our trips. The Aboriginal nations produce beautiful pieces which are always worth the price. So, no matter where you go, if you find crafts that you like, buy them. That's my tip and you will not regret it. (I don't bother taking a camera with me anymore, I just buy what I like including postcards, after all these are professionals doing their work. It's always worth it. Who looks at old photos anyway?)