Subject: Scotland
Hi All:

I have the Michelin maps and Map & Travel's route planning software which will plan routes in Europe on one's computer, but both suggest that there are no roads which go directly east and west across the top of Scotland. When I suggested this to our traveling companion, Craig, who has driven in ralleys there, he said that the maps were incomplete for he went to John O'Groats without having to doubleback. He suggested obtaining ordnance maps of the region. That tells me three things: (1) we will have to rent a vehicle that will survive track roads, (2) I had better bring my GPS and (3) we are going to wind up on the road less traveled. That latter point is a thrill, but the questions I have are (a) has anyone taken those track roads and (b) does anyone have a good source for ordnance maps of northern Scotland?

I also thank the contributors who have suggested that John O'Groats is less than an enticing goal, but the process of getting there via the back streets and highways of Scotland may well be worth the effort.

Tom looking for cushions in Carlisle