Subject: Re: Scotland

For racketing around on the back roads, there's no substitute for ordinance survey maps. We got ours upon arrival in Scotland, but I'll bet judicious searching could find a US source. I've had my Travelmaster 2 spread out on the desk this evening & enjoyed reliving some of the more hair-raising moments coming down to Helmsdale on the A897, actually one of the more civilized back roads. In a game of chicken with an oncoming driver, (the roads are mostly high-crowned, single track, non-metalled with deep ditches either side) we lost, bounced around in the mucky ditch to avoid headon collision & only had a flat tire rather than the bent axle I'd envisioned. I loved it. Getting lost is not an issue; anyone can do it. Water, polar fleece & gortex, a torch, some duct tape & you're bound to be ok. I never fancied getting benighted out there, but if you want to up the ante on adventure, that'd do it. Gail In Eugene