Subject: Re: Travel planning without the net
Hello, Ziners:

Last night I had to resort to the Caledonian-MacBrayne brochure to refresh my memory about some of the ferry routes to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, as I couldn't find the answer fast enough on the CalMac website.

And I was sent back to the pre-net days of travel planning. Remember paying a fortune & waiting weeks for delivery of your new Cook's Continental Timetable so you could plan rail & ferry travel in Europe? Mailing off flimsy-paper requests for hotel reservations with a return postage coupon the recipient could use to return confirmation to you? Scouring travel guides for hotel addresses?

The advent of fax machines changed the way I organized my travel planning, but the net caused a major revolution! And email....well, here we are today, a community of travelers sharing our love of travel with others whose paths would never have crossed ours in the flimsy-paper-snail-mail days!

How has the net revolution changed your travel planning habits?

Gail In Eugene