Subject: Re: Upcoming Trip

What a wonderful trip you have coming up!

I can't give you advice about trains, as I am far more likely to found racketing around on back roads in a car, albeit the teeniest one I can rent or lease.

However, your plan to consider hosteling for part of your accommodations is one I can speak to! There is very good info on Europe hostels on the YHA website Click on the hostels & reservations icon, then go to the country in which you're interested by first letter, or scroll down. Also your hostel membership kit may have included a hostel guide for Europe. Hosteling is a great way to meet other travelers, save money & be safe. There's a hostel rating system which can help you figure out which hostels are more basic & might not suit your needs. You might want to take along a small padlock, as some hostels offer lockers for your use but they may require renting a lock. You can book hostels in advance, either thru the website, or at another hostel which uses the IBN scheme. And not all hostels belong to the IYHF, so you're not limited to just that one network if hosteling is your goal.

Happy planning, & welcome back to the Zine.

Gail In Eugene