Subject: Re: Camera
Hi Shutterbugs:

Several years ago on the eve of a trip to Ireland, my friend Craig bought an Olympus SuperZoom 2800, a very simple 35 mm camera with a zoom lens that goes from 28mm to 80mm. Others zoomed from 35mm, but he thought the 28mm starting point was more versatile. We stayed in England for a few nights and while sitting at Standsted Airport waiting for our Ryanair flight to Dublin Craig asked his wife, Punkin, where the camera was. She informed him that he was in charge of his own camera and that is when he realized that he had left it on the bed in Benfleet. That was not a problem for we would return there, but Craig was to be denied the use of his new camera. I took a photo of him sitting there; it was grim and he was glum. Sensing a week of Craing whining and complaining in Ireland, Punkin went into the duty free and bought the same camera albeit at a slightly higher price. I offered to purchase the other for it seemed to be a great little camera, 28mm for fairly good close ups and 80mm for things further away. Later to avoid confusion, we labeled the two cameras Theirs and Ours. Well, we have used that camera for years. When I gave up my Nikon and other Olympus 35mm cameras for digital, my wife, Jan, just kept snapping away. Jan does not want to know how or why things work. She just wants them to function when she pushes a button and this camera has allowed her to take great photos. Craig also graduated to digital and when Jan's 2800 finally died, she got Craig's. She continues to shoot 35mm and still gets great results. I assume that the current 2800 will eventually die and I will either find a replacement on ebay or have it repaired (although I am slowly weaning her onto a very simple Kodak point and shoot digital).

Tom snapping away in Carlisle