Subject: Re: Camera

For a number of years I traveled with a Canon T-50 camera, with several supplementary lenses, filters, tripod, etc. Finally I got tired of the sheer bulk and weight of all this equipment, so I sold the camera outfit on E-Bay and bought a little Pentax Elfina-T. This will fit comfortably in my shirt pocket. It uses the Advanced Photo System(APS), which is exceptionally convenient. I have gotten results with it that are at least as good as those I got with the Canon (probably better, since there is little opportunity for error). This has a good zoom lens, automatic focus and exposure, and several other features.

Of course, no small camera can possibly give you the opportunities for special photography that a larger unit will provide, but for ordinary travel purposes this is a good choice. I suggest that you look into it, or any of several comparable APS cameras available in most camera shops. Then, when you are ready to buy, shop online for the best deal.

Good luck,

Ron Audet Fredericksburg, VA (Near Washington, DC)