Subject: travel philosophy
hello Lidia, I like what you have written and agree with. In Quebec and Canada,a lot of people like to go in the south (Florida,Mexico,Cuba,etc.)to run away from winter. Others go to more exotic countries like Tunisia,Spain and they spare the much part of time on the beach.They are unaware of the culture of the country where they are.Some don't know what sea they are looking... For me,before visiting a country,I try to read on it (culture,way of life,gastronomy,etc.)So when I am in the country I am just checking if what I read is true... During the travel,we like to stay 5 or 7 days in a same place and we make day trips from.Taking public transport we meet people of the place. And there is always a good person to help when we are mixed up.So we meet Man and Humanity... And staying in a same city or village,we go at the same place to drink a coffee.We are becoming a Regular (and less stranger). By this way,a lot of people make a little print on our heart...And we feel to be a citizen of the World.

Marc from Quebec city