Subject: Re: Cameras
Hello Ziners and Sherry,

Well you said not yet, so here is my opinion about digital cams. I went digital in Sept 2001, our last trip to Europe. I got a Canon S300 with a 3x opical zoom. In 3 weeks I took over 800 pictures plus several small video clips with sound. I was able to take panoramic shots and then merge them together on my computer. The color and clarity of my shots were as good or better than my regular 35mm I usually bring along. I was able to instantly review the shot I took and erase it and shot again if I didn't like it. I did all this with 2 small 64 megabit memory cards not much bigger than a postage stamp.

I recently brought my old 35mm along on our trip to AZ to do some comparison shots. Sort of a sanity check. The digital was better. If I want to print any of my digital pictures I just bring then into my local photoshop and print the ones I want. I show my pictures at home on the TV and everyone can see them at once. When I'm traveling I show them on my Laptop or the camera will usually connect directly to most TV's.

That my 2 cents. Have fun.